Consultation, training & implementation

Understanding what our clients need is brought about by the open-door policy that we encourage at Tracom. Our team will help you do an accurate analysis of the project at hand and proof of concept to ensure that you are heading in the right direction. This will greatly reduce mistakes during implementation of the project.

We offer several onsite training programs to fit the requirements of your role. Options are available to accommodate your budget and needs. Furthermore, project implementation consultancy offers your team our expertise which will help them through the implementation process so as to ensure that they effectively get the desired results.

Our team will also help you to run through your configuration, while making daily and periodic reports as per your requirements, which will guarantee that you have everything ready to make a successful leap to live use. We also offer additional consultancy support to provide insight into your workflows and processes. By doing this, we can address any new requirements you may have for the system. This after-the-fact consulting can ensure you are getting the best use out of your solution.